Affairs: How to Avoid Them

March 31, 2015     0     Season 4 - Episode 8

Nick ValentineNick Valentine is the Branch Manager for LifeWorks’ Wyndham and Geelong branches. Stemming from his extensive clinical work in the forensic setting, Nick is particularly skilled at building rapport and establishing trust with clients who are initially reluctant to engage in therapy. Nick is also a Family Violence Coordinator for LifeWorks, and is an experienced practitioner due to his years of work in both the custodial and community settings. Nick’s completion of university studies in Behavioural Science and Psychology, as well as his commitment to ongoing professional development activities, has ensured he is competent in delivering research-driven, holistic, strengths-based and solution-focused intervention. Nick’s professional career has included work with the Department of Human Services, Anglicare Victoria, and Corrections Victoria, and he is currently a Level 3 accredited member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA).

Wendy DriscollWendy Driscoll is a Relationship Educator and is responsible for the development and delivery of a suite of relationship education programmes on topics including parenting, parenting teens and grand-parenting, adapting to parenting after separation, assertiveness coaching and SEA Change, which is a more specialist programme for women designed to help them better manage overwhelming emotions and/or anger. Her primary passion however has always been working with people and after re-partnering in 2000, Wendy retrained & has worked for Lifeworks initially as a Relationship Educator and then more recently also as a Couples & Family Relationship- and an EAP- Counsellor.


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