Children & Mental Illness

September 28, 2015     0     Season 5 - Episode 4

Rebecca RandallRebecca Randall is a PhD student at the National Institute for Mental Health Research at the Australian National University. She lives with a chronic mental illness and many of her greatest challenges come from figuring out how to integrate this with her desire to change the world. She strongly believes that talking about and sharing stories of mental ill-health are one of the best ways to combat stigma.




Sally-Anne McCormackSally-Anne McCormack is a Clinical Psychologist and a media consultant.  She is a former teacher, author of two books, “Stomp Out The ANTs – Automatic Negative Thoughts” and “Living With ANTs” as well as creating a poster, ”Which ANT Are You?” In addition, she is the mother of 4 adolescents/adults and has made many regular appearances on a variety of TV shows (eg. Sunrise, The Morning Show, The Circle, The Project) over the years and is often interviewed for various print and radio media. Sally-Anne currently works in private practice with adults suffering from depression, anxiety, stress and various personal issues, but is probably best known for her work with children and adolescents covering many areas and for her parenting and behavioural management advice.

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