Drug Addiction: How to Help Your Child

March 24, 2015     0     Season 4 - Episode 7

Kerryn RedpathKerryn Redpath is a passionate drug and alcohol educator, a role that evolved out of her own devastating near life and death trials, many years ago. Her autobiography, ‘Out of the Darkness’, follows her journey from the darkest of depths in her young life, to a world filled with hope. Today, she brings this message of hope and a warning of the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse to the young, by speaking in Secondary Colleges/Schools, TAFES, and with many other interested groups. Kerryn’s presentation is personal, passionate, professional and as she believes, vital in light of the current events in the lives of young people across this country.



Michael MillerMichael is a project officer for Family Drug Support for Victoria and Tasmania. Michael has a passion for working with people who are affected by someone’s alcohol or drug usage. He has studied in Community Services, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Pain Management and is presently studying for a diploma in AOD and Mental Health. Born in Melbourne and having witnessed the effect upon family members and too many friends, Michael is able to support other families based upon his own personal experiences.

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