Increasing Brain Potential

September 21, 2015     0     Season 5 - Episode 3

tansel ali

Tansel Ali is a 3-Time Australian Memory Champion and author of ‘The Yellow Elephant’ memory book. He has amazingly memorised two Yellow Pages phone books in only 24 days. As one of the world’s foremost memory educators and mental athletes, Tansel is often seen on television demonstrating his memory skills as well as speaking at schools and conferences, nationally as well as internationally. He has coached many from students to CEOs to athletes and celebrities to be at their very best.


Dr Sarah McKay

Dr Sarah McKay is a neuroscientist who gained her PhD from Oxford University. She lives on Sydney’s Northern Beaches where she combines running her science communications business with raising two little surfer dudes. Way back in 1998, after completing a degree in Neuroscience at Otago University in NZ, Sarah beat off the competition  and won a Wellcome Trust scholarship to complete her MSc and PhD at Oxford University. She spent her time at Oxford examining neuroplasticity in the developing brain and entering science writing competitions. On her everyday neuroscience blog Sarah breaks down research into simple actionable steps for brain health and wellness. 2015 saw the launch of ‘The Neuroscience Academy’ – offering online courses where people can discover and integrate findings from brain research into their lives and work.

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