Being Happy With How You Look

April 7, 2015     0     Season 4 - Episode 9

Roberta HonigmanRoberta Honigman is a social worker with clinical and research experience in the area of body image disturbance specifically relating to patients seeking cosmetic surgical and medical procedures. She has worked closely in consultation with plastic surgeons, dermatologists and other cosmetic practitioners, counselling patients before and after cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive procedures. She is also attached as counsellor to the Laser Dermatology Clinic at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne. As well as co-authoring ‘Living with your Looks’, she has published widely in national and international journals and has contributed to many scientific meetings and media discussions in this field.

Christine MorganChristine Morgan is the CEO of The Butterfly Foundation, a national charity that supports and advocates for everyone affected by eating disorders, including sufferers, carers and their families.  Butterfly provides direct relief, a national support line with telephone and email counselling and referral services, support groups, school programs on building positive self esteem in young people, health promotion and early intervention work, and training for teachers and health professionals.  Butterfly engages in a number of public awareness campaigns on eating disorders, negative body image and disordered eating. Christine is also the National Director of the National Eating Disorders Collaboration, a federally funded collaboration led by Butterfly that has developed the first National Framework on Eating Disorders.  In the last three years the NEDC has produced further outcomes including a report on prevention and early intervention strategies, and a social messaging campaign aimed at young people and their families.

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